Are You Sending Your Attorney-Clients Relevant Information or Just Information?

Are You Sending Your Attorney-Clients Relevant Information or Just Information?

Providing attorney-prospects free information is a great marketing strategy that can give you instant credibility as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. You can provide free information through an electronic information newsletter, your website and on social media, especially Facebook and LinkedIn.

One mistake I see Certified Legal Nurse Consultants making is providing information that attorneys view as less developed and possibly less credible than information from other reputable sources available to them. Attorneys generally aren’t interested in hearing about changes in legislation and case law from legal nurse consultants. They subscribe to legal research databases such as Westlaw and LexisNexis. These databases often have alert features where attorneys can set notifications for specific areas of law or specific keywords. They also subscribe to legal publications and journals and tap into relevant legal websites. Additionally, attorneys belong to legal associations and tap into their and other available continuing legal education. Many attorneys also participate in high-powered groups relevant to their legal specialty and have access to the most current information and strategic networking through their groups. Staying updated on legislation and case law is a fundamental requirement of a competent attorney. So how do you fit in?

What attorneys do want to learn from Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are those pieces of information on which the CLNC® consultant is considered to be the expert. This includes information on changes in standards of care, hospital policy and procedure changes, relevant healthcare studies and other pertinent information that will provide clear insight into the complex healthcare system.

Attorneys are crazy busy like the rest of us, and they carefully triage what they read. Think of your own reading practices and how you decide what you will and will not read. Use your own practices to assess and ensure that your free information is not just free, but also relevant and compelling to the attorneys who will read it.

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P.S. Comment and share your strategies for sharing free information with your attorney-clients or prospects.

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