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Reports (Part 3): 6 Tips for Citing References in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Reports

Citing references is an important aspect of preparing your legal nurse consulting reports. This increases the credibility of the opinions you render to your attorney-clients. Here are six tips to use when citing references.

  1. Be sure the publication information is accurate and provide a complete reference. Follow the standard format for presenting references.
    • Associations and Organizations: List in alpha order by association name. Include website link.

      Example – Association of periOperative Registered Nurses.

    • Authoritative Textbooks: List in alpha order by first author’s last name, then first name and middle initial. Include Title of Textbook and Edition, (italics, not underlined), City of publication, State of publication abbreviated, Publisher and Year.

      Example – Rothrock, Jane C. Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery, 16th Edition. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier, 2019

    • Journal Articles: List in alpha order by first author’s last name, then first name and middle initial. Put “Title of Article” in quotes. Include Full Name of Journal (title case, italics, not underlined) and volume or month published (issue): year, page number(s).

      Example – Adamkin, D.H. “Postnatal Glucose Homeostasis in Late-Preterm and Term Infants.” Pediatrics. 127:2018, 575-579.

    • Websites: List in alpha order by website name. Do not include http(s)://www.

      Example – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

  1. Put book titles and the names of journals in italics. Put article titles in quotation marks and not in italic type. You may be used to seeing the article and even the book titles with only the first words capitalized, but the standard format is to capitalize the first word and all major words in the title of an article or book. Do not capitalize “a,” “the,” “and” and short prepositions unless they’re the first word in a title.
  2. List your references in alphabetical order by author’s last name. In a reference with multiple authors, alphabetize by the last name of the first author listed. In a reference with no author listed, double check to be sure there’s no author on the work, then alphabetize by the name of the publishing organization.
  3. When listing website references, if no author is listed, alphabetize by the name of the organization or title of the site (not by the URL).
  4. Be sure website listings are current and correct. If you haven’t used a site in a while, recheck the link to make sure it still works and still takes you to the same information you used in formulating your report.
  5. Group references by type of source – for example, Associations and Organizations, Authoritative Textbooks, Journal Articles and Websites.

Follow these tips for citing references and your legal nurse consulting reports will be easier to read.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment to share your favorite tips for citing references in your legal nurse consulting reports.

3 thoughts on “Reports (Part 3): 6 Tips for Citing References in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Reports

  1. Thank you, Vickie Milazzo, for all your tips and education on how to be successful. I’m telling other nurses about your Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Program nearly daily.

  2. Thank you Ms. Milazzo for starting this new chapter of positive changes in my life. I have many nurses coming to me to ask about the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Program. I am doing at least one thing to get the business up and running each day. Yesterday, the new email address and the website. Today, the post office box and the business cards! Tomorrow, the LLC. You were a wonderful presenter, coach and mentor!

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