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Thoughts for Success: Life Might Not Be as Good as You’re Hoping for, But It’s Always Better than You Think It Is

Life might not be as good as you’re hoping for, but it’s always better than you think it is.

Thoughts for Success

Today is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Born in 1820 into an upper class family, her life probably could have been cushy, yet she made a conscious choice to enter a profession that was difficult and not well respected. In fact, nursing wasn’t even considered a profession at all. None of us would have wanted to be a nurse in the 1800s.

Every day doesn’t play out the way we want it to. Perspective, a good friend and tenaciously diving into the reality of life as it presents reminds us that the day is not nearly as bad as we think it is at the moment.

Today I’m celebrating Florence and the tenacity with which she pushed through huge inconveniences and barriers to lead us toward the nursing profession we know today.

Tomorrow, if I have a single thought that life isn’t as good as I’m hoping for, Florence will be tapping me on the shoulder to remind me that life is always better than I think it is. And if it’s not, I’ll dive in and experience life on the terms it chooses. Life is good!

Happy Birthday Florence!

P.S. Comment and share how you remind yourself that life is always better than you think it is.

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