It’s Never Too Early to Follow Up on Attorney Leads in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

It’s Never Too Early to Follow Up on Attorney Leads in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

On the second day of exhibiting at a legal conference, one of the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants proudly announced that the previous day she’d obtained 45 strong leads for her legal nurse consulting business. I asked her, “What have you done to follow up so far?” and her response was, “Nothing yet.”

I encouraged her to get started on the follow-ups immediately instead of waiting until she returned home. In fact, she should have started sending the follow-up emails at the end of the day, after the exhibits closed, striking while the iron is hot.

Acting quickly makes the follow up process easier and less overwhelming. It’s best to strike while everything about the interaction is fresh in everyone’s mind – yours and the attorney-prospects.

Email follows everyone everywhere and the quicker you get that follow-up into the attorney-prospect’s email box the better. I also recommend following up more than once. Persistence has its payoff.

It’s never too early to follow up, but it can be too late.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how you follow up with attorney-prospects.

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