Savvy Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Share Testifying Experts

Attorneys must have experts to litigate their cases. While only 5% or less of medical-related cases ever go to trial, attorneys will rarely settle a significant case until the opposing side has put its experts on the table. This is why locating experts is one of the most lucrative CLNC® services a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant can provide to attorneys.

Locating experts is made easy when you tap into your 4,000 plus CLNC® peers in the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants association. You can make the process more efficient by developing and cultivating a CLNC® Alliance with 5-8 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants from different geographic areas. If you haven’t yet formed an alliance, be sure to read How to Set Up a Strong Alliance with Other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. Imagine eight people sharing their best experts with each other. This puts any expert you need just an email away.

Remember, this is a business, not a hobby, so expect to pay 50% of your location fee to the CLNC® Alliance member or CLNC® subcontractor who shared the expert with you. This is just smart business practice that encourages everyone in the CLNC® Alliance to have a vested interest in sharing.

The next time you interview with an attorney-prospect you’ll be ready to show how well and quickly you can deliver this much needed CLNC® service.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment if you have experts to share or if you are seeking experts for your legal nurse consulting business.

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