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Thoughts for Success: The Body Is a Reflection of the Mind

In nursing we were taught about the mind-body connection and yet we’ve probably not even begun to scratch the surface of the mind’s influence over the body.

Vickie Milazzo's Thoughts for Success About Making Mindful Choices

The body is a reflection of the mind and the choices our mind makes. Certainly there are incidents and situations we have no control over, such as getting hit by a beer truck, suffering an injury at your RN job in the hospital or having the gene for breast cancer. The fact that there is so much we don’t have control over is precisely why we should be vigilant in avoiding excessive mental choices that have physical consequences.

Whether it’s staying up to watch The Late Show and losing precious restorative sleep, choosing a cheeseburger and fries more often than salmon and broccoli or binge-watching a TV show on your tablet instead of moving your body, those choices drain physical health and energy needed to enjoy life and manage your legal nurse consulting business.

Whether you believe in New Years’ resolutions or not, commit to making mindful choices in 2017 that honor your mind and your body.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share the mindful choices you’re excited about for 2017.

P.P.S. Watch for my January 17th Blog 10 Strategies for Boosting Physical Energy to Achieve Your 2017 Legal Nurse Consulting Goals.



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