Give Yourself a Break from Your Legal Nurse Consultant Business

Give Yourself a Break from Your Legal Nurse Consultant Business

This week (between Christmas and New Year’s) is a bit slower and quieter than most weeks. A break from what, for most of us, has been an intense year. And a bit of a break is just what the nurse in me has ordered. I’m using this time to wind down my year, take a few more deep breaths and reflect on what I desire for 2017.

All year long Certified Legal Nurse Consultants share how personal, family, work and health stressors get in the way of fully focusing on advancing their legal nurse consultant businesses. I’m going to give you all the same nursing advice: Take a break. Maybe meditate (if you can stay awake). Or indulge in sipping a cup of hot tea in front of a fire. Perhaps you’d enjoy soaking in a hot tub filled with fragrant lavender. If you’re physically inclined, take a mindful walk or hit the gym for some kick-boxing.

We all need to clear our heads of those incessant thoughts that drain energy, patience and motivation. Use this quiet week as a reminder of the importance of taking a break or two and watch your energy and legal nurse consulting productivity soar.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how you give yourself a break after a hectic day, week, month or life. LOL!

One thought on “Give Yourself a Break from Your Legal Nurse Consultant Business

  1. As usual Vickie’s advice is on point and inspirational. On January 7, 2016 I was diagnosed with a parotid tumor staged at a 4b and did not want to take a break from my Certified Legal Nurse Consultant business. High dose chemo and 38 days of radiation treatments were quite the challenge. I believe my positive attitude, loving and supportive family and friends and a daily dose of long distance encouragement from Vickie’s Legal Nurse Consultant Blog enabled me to not only survive but thrive. I am grateful to spend the holidays with loved ones and my CLNC® business continues to be great. I do look forward to seeing many of my CLNC colleagues on the 2017 NACLNC® Conference Cruise and you will recognize me by my lopsided smile. Thanks, Vickie!

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