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Thoughts for Success: Do the Right Thing When No One Is Looking

The expression “action speaks louder than words” is never truer than in respect to our integrity. Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant can talk a good game, but what happens when we’re alone, unobserved, and our integrity is tested? That’s when we find out exactly how much integrity we have. For example, when you’re on Facebook® are you on the attorney’s clock or your own?

When one of my employees asked me, “How do I know if I’ve violated company policy?” I told her it was simple. “If you wouldn’t do it with me looking over your shoulder, then you know it’s a violation.” You don’t have integrity if you only have it when someone else is watching.

Thoughts for Success: Do the Right Thing When No One Is Looking

Integrity is not only the bedrock of all of our relationships, whether it’s with attorney-clients or CLNC® subcontractors, integrity is your strength. And like cracks in a foundation, every small compromise in your integrity weakens the structure of your life and threatens your legal nurse consulting business.

Invest integrity in every situation, even when there’s no one to notice.

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