My Promise to Certified Legal Nurse Consultants for 2014

I’ve been mentoring Certified Legal Nurse Consultants for decades now, so you could say I occasionally repeat myself. And repeat myself I did in 2013. Tom says I don’t just repeat myself with CLNC® consultants, I do it at home, at the office and sometimes even when I’m alone (LOL – I think). My response, “I only repeat myself PRN.” ☺

At an NACLNC® Private Apprenticeship I was working with a group of highly motivated Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and still found I was repeating myself a lot. Have we become so accustomed to the noise that we’ve stopped listening for the signal?

Stamina and persistence are my middle names so until I get the actions and behaviors I know are necessary for you to succeed as a CLNC consultant, I’ll keep repeating myself. Do I need to repeat that?

I’m Just Sayin’ (Again),

P.S. Comment here and share your experiences with listening or failing to listen.

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