Got Your 2014 Resolutions? I’m Just Askin’

For 2013, my resolution was to see a world that is bigger and brighter than the one I saw in 2012. Not only did I see that bright world, but because I did, I managed to accomplish some bigger things than even I expected.

This year I created and launched a brand new system for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – the VIP Pro CLNC® Success System. Because of this new system, I know for sure there will be more successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants than ever before. That’s because Vickie Milazzo Institute’s marketing mentors will be exhibiting at legal conferences with this select group of CLNC consultants. I always say go where the attorneys go and I can’t imagine anything better than being in front of attorneys with our marketing pros right there by your side.

For 2014 my resolution is an easy one – I want to be fully present and open to the gifts of the universe so that I can give in a more meaningful way to all who cross my path – friends, family, Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, VMI staff and the people I don’t even know, but who know me.

Thanks to all CLNC consultants and students for helping to make my world brighter in 2013. I look forward to an even brighter 2014 together.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share your resolutions for 2014.

2 thoughts on “Got Your 2014 Resolutions? I’m Just Askin’

  1. I have to agree with both you ladies. It takes planning and organizing everything you need to do (actions) and execute to get what we want for ourselves, as Vickie says. I never could do resolutions but rather goals that are attainable for me. As LynAnn pointed out, everyone has different personalities and need to know what it takes to succeed. I believe in self-direction and those daily actions that Vickie advised to do because they work.

    2014 will be the best yet to come.

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