Judges Know Better than Anyone Why Attorneys Need Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

The NACLNC® Private Apprenticeship group had a great experience last week when we went to court. There was a trial going on and I introduced myself to the court officer. I told him who we were, Certified Legal Nurse Consultants there to observe the trial process. He then went into the judge’s chambers and let the judge know who we were and our reason for attending. Before the trial got started,

My Promise to Certified Legal Nurse Consultants for 2014

I’ve been mentoring Certified Legal Nurse Consultants for decades now, so you could say I occasionally repeat myself. And repeat myself I did in 2013. Tom says I don’t just repeat myself with CLNC consultants, I do it at home, at the office and sometimes even when I’m alone (LOL – I think). My response, “I only repeat myself PRN.”

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