What, Only One Day a Year for Mom?

What is it about Mother’s Day that you love so much? Do you love the fact that your husband and child join forces to prepare breakfast in bed for you? Or is it that your husband acknowledges what a great mom you are? Or simply that this day is not like every other when you collapse into bed as limp as an overused sponge and wonder, “How long can I keep up this mad pace?”
Today’s mom is so busy doing it all that she rarely has the time to enjoy life’s greatest gift, her family.
The reality today is that even as women are making incredible achievements they’re still battling the stereotype of traditional wife and mother.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Add Some Human Toolz to Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants have long known that one of the issues with laptops is that you must occasionally close them. When you do, the screen collects dust and worse, marks develop from the pressing of the screen against the keys. The longer you run it while it’s docked and shut, the more dust it seems to collect – kind of like little techie dust bunnies. When you finally open your laptop up in an attorney’s office, on an airplane or in the hot tub (just kidding), the screen will be marked and dirty. Kleenex® doesn’t cut it for cleaning (you really need microfiber cloth) and if you use it (even it’s clean) you’ll end up working in a haze or fog.

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