Ask Vickie: Can Traveling Be a Strategy for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants?


I live in Las Vegas but grew up in North Carolina and still have plenty of contacts there. Many of those contacts know attorneys. One friend even works at the courthouse. They have all offered to put me in touch with attorneys they know. Should I make a trip to North Carolina to interview these potential attorney-clients face-to-face or should I contact them by phone and email first?

Joseph, RN, CLNC

Hi Joseph,

Congratulations on recognizing that friends and contacts everywhere are valuable to expanding your Certified Legal Nurse Consulting business. Aim to set up 4-6 interviews over a 2-day period. Call or email the attorneys to schedule interview dates and times. You have a higher probability of successfully getting a case if you can get your foot in the door and meet the attorneys face-to-face. Alternatively, if the attorneys trust your contacts enough to hire you based on their references and an email, schedule a telephone call or Skype interview and go for it!

Congratulations on making the most of this great opportunity.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share how you’ve used contacts to expand your legal nurse business or used Skype with attorney-clients.

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