Success Strengths for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: Fusion

Nurses have the strength of fusion. When a patient arrests, your team comes together and fuses like a single entity to do whatever is needed to code the patient successfully. Why not use this strength of fusion to code yourself? The more audacious your goals the more you will need other people to help you achieve those goals. This means surrounding yourself with strong, successful people of integrity to keep you, and your dream, alive.

Contrary to the Experts – The Experts Aren’t Always Right

My success, like that of many entrepreneurs, is built on challenging the experts – not relying on them. Our Founding Fathers weren’t expert politicians. Our captains of industry weren’t experts in their fields. Our best inventors weren’t experts. America and almost all of our achievements were built by a nation of amateurs, tinkerers and inventors constantly poking, prodding, testing and discarding what didn’t work until they eventually hit the magic formula for success.

Complaining Is Not Healthy for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

On the way to to teach the CLNC Certification Program, Tom and I went for our cross-airport trek to the Starbucks in Terminal E. When we got through the line, the young guy working at Starbucks looked (and sounded) like he hadn’t had his coffee yet. After repeating our order at least twice we received a semblance of our “black eyes” a doppio expresso dumped into a vente Komodo blend. From there we stormed back to Terminal C and stopped for our standard pre-flight spicy breakfast (lunch really ‘cause we’ve been up since 4:00am) at Popeye’s Fried Chicken (nothing beats red beans and rice in the morning). The woman working the counter at Popeye’s was complaining in Spanish on her cell phone to a friend about having to be open at 6:00am and how unfair it was that she had to open the store three days a week.

What Do Polar Bears Know About Renewal for Legal Nurse Consultants?

What Do Polar Bears Know About Renewal for Legal Nurse Consultants?

I just got back from an 18-day trip to Svalbard Island, deep in the Arctic Circle and halfway between Norway and the North Pole. We started in Copenhagen and finished in Oslo. The best part of the trip was spent spotting polar bears and other Arctic wildlife at Svalbard Island.

As a Legal Nurse Consultant, Are You as Irresistible to Attorneys as Starbucks® Is to Coffee Lovers?

On my trip from Houston to San Diego to attend the christening of my new great-niece Reese, I experienced a strong dose of branding. Many of you know I enjoy my cups of healthy green tea almost as much as I enjoy a glass of healthy red wine. You probably don’t know that I have a secret addiction for Starbucks coffee. One that’s not entirely healthy if I’m not careful to tame it. I don’t get a Starbucks fix on a daily basis, but I manage to fit in two-three cups a week (usually at least one free one) on my morning walks with Tom. So, anytime I hit an airport in the morning (and I tend to fly only in the morning), my internal GPS goes off as soon as I clear security. That GPS will lead Tom and I directly to the airport’s Starbucks for my “red-eye.”

Nursing Layoffs Are Getting Serious (and Sudden)

It’s hard to believe that in my lifetime I’d ever see layoffs in the nursing field. Like many of you, I remember the good times when there were billboards around my city advertising signing bonuses for nurses at local hospitals. That’s all changing. Two recent articles in the Wall Street Journal (1) (2) and one in the Washington Post are focusing on the fact that, while there is still a nursing shortage, there is now a shortage of nursing jobs. That sounds like a contradiction in terms but it’s not.

Slumdog Millionaire Entrepreneurship for Legal Nurse Consultants

On February 4th I gave an assignment for all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants attending the 2009 NACLNC Conference to go see the movie Slumdog Millionaire and to identify Jamal’s maverick entrepreneurial moves. For those of you who couldn’t join us in San Antonio here’s a brief overview of my conference opening.

NACLNC® 2009 – Slumdog Entrepreneurship

I’ve got an assignment for anyone who plans to attend the 2009 NACLNC® Conference in San Antonio, March 12-13, 2009.
Between now and March 12th, you must go and see the movie Slumdog Millionaire. That movie has won 5 Critics Choice awards, 4 Golden Globes® and is nominated in X different Oscar® categories.

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