Practice Word Power as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

When you communicate to attorneys, whether by speaking or writing, you can choose the response you want. That’s not a typo – I don’t mean your response, I mean the response from the attorney with whom you’re communicating. You can guide the response you’ll get by the words you choose.

The CLNC® Pros Describe Their Favorite Attorney-Clients

Legal nurse consulting is a relationship business, so I asked the CLNC Pros to describe their favorite attorney-clients. Each one is different, but pay attention to some of the common themes throughout. Developing satisfying relationships with our attorney-clients is one thing Certified Legal Nurse Consultants love about owning their CLNC businesses.

Create High Energy for You and Your CLNC® Business

Here at the CLNC Certification Program in Philadelphia one of the students asked me, “Where do you get the energy to teach six straight days? Do you just wake up like that?” I had to chuckle before I answered. That’s because I don’t pop out of bed like a piece of toast. Tom jokes that he has to “shuck the oyster” each morning (being from New Orleans I like the simile) to get me out from under the covers (I have been known to burrow with the best of them). But, once I’m up, I’m a woman on fire and I burn white-hot until the end of the day.

Where Will Your Integrity Take You Today?

I found myself standing in the gas chamber at Auschwitz contemplating how I arrived there. My father’s family is Sicilian – 100%. Picture a 13-year-old boy holding his uncle’s hand, gazing at the Statue of Liberty from the deck of a passenger liner in the early 1900s and that’s Papa Milazzo, my grandfather. My family name, Milazzo, comes from a village in Sicily. My grandparents knew each other as children before leaving Sicily and lucky, against all odds, managed to hook up and marry in the U.S.

What’s in Your CLNC® Closet Today?

This morning I looked into my closet and couldn’t figure out what to wear to work. (We have a pretty casual dress code in my office so I could have tossed on my flip-flops and a track suit but I’d worn that yesterday.) I confess, I like to have nice clothes and a decent closet.

Obama – Take the Pork Away from the Pigs

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on becoming the 44th president of the United States. Americans have hired you to manage our country and to fix the economic crisis you have inherited. To accomplish this, you need to act like an entrepreneur – not a politician. Entrepreneurs thrive on crisis, knowing that from the center of it huge opportunities arise for growth and profit.

Running on Empty

About an hour from when the photo below was taken, just a block from my home, the street was filled with runners from the Houston Marathon. Over 23,000 participants showed up to run. Some finished in just over two hours while others were still running (or had dropped out) when the six-hour time limit expired.

Web “2.0” – Social Bookmarking and more…

Welcome to “Web 2.0” with its completely new terminology for the blogosphere. But don’t be scared, I’m here to help you master the art of Web 2.0’s social bookmarking and get you hip.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Free-Range Wireless

Let’s face it. Connectivity is king. The more we complain about getting away from things, the more we need to be connected whenever we get away. BlackBerries® and iPhones® have made being on the road a little more bearable. But we do need more than just email when we’re out of the office. Sure, those lucky legal nurse consultants who are iPhone users can surf the web, watch YouTube and listen to music, but for the legal nurse consulting “crackberry” users out there – we need the Internet and we need it fast!

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