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Welcome to “Web 2.0” with its completely new terminology for the blogosphere. But don’t be scared, I’m here to help you master the art of Web 2.0’s social bookmarking and get you hip.

When the Internet was relatively new and you saw a website that you wanted to share with friends, what did you do? Most likely, you picked up the phone or sent an email. Now there’s a new alternative – social bookmarking, which is awesome because who has time to phone a friend about a cool website? Social bookmarking allows users to ‘tag’ sites of interest. Once a site is tagged, your tags appear in two places: your user profile, and the homepage of the bookmarking network. The bookmarking network will display the tag temporarily, before it is replaced by newer ones.

Delicious is a social bookmarking network that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source. How many times have you bookmarked a website on your home computer, and then also needed to open it out of town? With Delicious, you can bookmark any website on the Internet and access them from any computer, anywhere.

Need to know the latest on Medicare fraud or toxic torts? Explore tags on Delicious.com and you’ll instantly get a list of all websites tagged by other users. If you’re working on a legal nurse consulting case that involves a specific drug, such as Vioxx®, explore tags on Delicious. You’ll be amazed at what’s out there that someone else thought enough about to bookmark.

Bookmark what you like and it will be there when you come back – from any computer. Sounds good so far, right? It gets better. Since Delicious has an interactive “Web 2.0” quality, you’re not just tagging websites, you’re conceptualizing with an entire community. Once a tag is entered into the bookmarking network, other users can rate it.

So, how is this beneficial to Certified Legal Nurse Consultants? Let’s say you want to reference a website on SIDs within a case report, but are unsure about the quality of the site’s information. If it has been tagged within a social network, chances are you’ll get an idea of what others think about it before including it in your work product for your attorney-client.

Social bookmarking can also help you market your CLNC® business. After you’ve created your company website, let people know about it by creating a bookmark. Then ask other Delicious users within your network to rate your site. This even gives you a bit of page rank. Plus, it’s an excellent way to gain free traffic.

Using a social bookmarking network, such as Delicious, allows you to learn about new sites and tag your own sites while networking with new people.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go to Delicious.com and join. It’s FREE and easy! Make sure you bookmark Vickie’s Blog. Thanks!

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Brandy Mathews is a member of the marketing department at LegalNurse.com. She brings over 10 years of experience in computers, computer technology and the Internet to the Institute.

One thought on “Web “2.0” – Social Bookmarking and more…

  1. Hey Brandy,
    Thank you for being a guest blogger for “Vickie’s Blog.” I just logged into my delicious account and it shows all of the articles I saved previously. Plus, as I was following some of your instructions, I learned even more. Did you know that you can just type in delicious.com/your_user_name_here to view your delicious account? It took me straight to the blog post I wanted to find since I’d tagged it to “delicious” last week. It helps me realize how quick and easy it is to keep my favorite articles at my finger tips.

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