5 Reasons Recession Is Best

Recession. Market downturn. Doom. Gloom. Bailout, schmailout. Nurses getting laid off in great numbers. In spite of all the negative headlines out there, according to the experts, a recession is actually your ticket to success as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. That’s right – kicking your legal nurse consulting business into high gear during a recession is a great idea.

It’s amazing, but true! Recessions are typically among the strongest times for new business startups. This means that the time to reignite your certified legal nurse consulting business is now.

5 Reasons Why a Recession Is the Best Time to Kick Start Your CLNC® Consulting Business into High Gear

  1. During a recession, injured people are more likely to pursue their legal rights and hold others accountable for their actions.
  2. Fears of a downturn may cause fewer nurses to venture out from hospitals to becomeCertified Legal Nurse Consultants. That’s more attorney business for you.
  3. Attorneys will worry about the cost of expensive MD experts who charge as much as $1,000/hr and quickly see the wisdom in relying more on cost-effective Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who charge $125-150/hr.
  4. Lawyers will realize that they’re going to have to work harder to keep their clients happy – and they’ll need the specialized expertise of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to do so.
  5. Hospitals are freezing salaries and laying off nurses. Bonuses are unheard of. Your earning potential as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is unlimited.

“When everyone is running to the exits, the people that stand tall and firm almost always end up making a fortune. If you’re not yet in a business, this is the absolute prime time to get in.”

– Bill Bartmann (Self-Made Billionaire)

Success Is Inside!

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Recession Is Best

  1. If you are waiting for the stars and planets to align before making important decisions, don’t. Nothing will ever be exactly the way you want it, or exactly the way you need it to be, especially nowadays. If I had waited until I had the money for a ring to propose to my wife, I might not be married right now. And if I had waited to have a child until my finances were “right,” I would have missed out on one of my greatest blessings.

    We all struggle to find the perfect balance in life between work and play. Does that perfect balance even exist? It does exist, but not without a little work. I say this because the nurses I work with every day find balance when they become Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. They do not always choose nursing as a profession, it chooses them. Then they are drawn to legal nurse consulting because it strikes the life balance they are seeking.

    CLNC® consultants can work when they want, spend more time with family and get paid well to use the experience and knowledge they have gained throughout their nursing career. Times are uncertain right now and it can be argued that times have always been uncertain. Knowing that, what are you going to do? You can choose to do nothing; that would be familiar and easy, or you can challenge yourself and begin the path towards freedom; freedom to choose how you want your life to be.

    I am not telling you anything you have not thought about before. What I am telling you is that a recession is your opportunity to start what you’ve been wanting to. Don’t wait for the economy to correct itself or the financial markets to become stronger. Do what the nurses who become Certified Legal Nurse Consultants do. They take that step, however uneasy the ground beneath feels, and before long like them you will be running confidently towards your dream. You and your family will thank you later.

  2. Vickie, I hope you are right and I think you are. I resigned my position with Hospice on 1/2/09 in order to go fulltime with my consulting. I’m listening to all of your DVDs again, learning how to use Microsoft 2007 and Vista with a textbook and I’m going for broke. It’s a little scary but it feels so right and I’ve had positive input with the attorneys I’ve talked to so far. Get this. I got a speeding ticket first of Dec. while managing two cell phones and coordinating with patients, doctors, pharmacies, family members in order to do my job. It was a wake up call. Then I received 10 letters from attorneys I didn’t know offering to help me deal with my ticket. I intend to express my appreciation in person to each one even though my ticket situation has already been resolved. I sure didn’t expect the attorneys to come to me.

  3. In 2009, I can’t help but think of the past year and the different situations our nation has encountered and embraced: the decline in the economy, natural disasters, and a historical change in leadership. It seems at every turn you hear of another company requesting a bailout from the government or simply closing its doors due to lack of revenue. Of course, with each situation the root of the problem revolves around poor management or overspending and possibly lack of a sound quality-driven product. I often ask myself “was this all necessary?” “Was the overextension of our economy worth this so called recession we are in?”

    This reminds me of the things that drive a small business owner to success. It is not quantity that drives the revenue into the business, it is the quality. As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, it becomes abundantly clear that the way to generate business is to create a quality product that will entice the client to share the product with others. If we take this approach with everything we do in business and in our personal life, we are guaranteed to have a stable and productive future.

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