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Tom’s Tech Tip: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Expand Your USB World with a USB Hub

I love my laptop but it’s got a grand total of four USB ports. That’s not a whole lot of ports in a storm in my computing world. My computer’s dock has spaces for my keyboard, mouse and two more, but I need some additional USB ports to get through my day. To that end, I’ve just finished expanding my own computing universe by adding a 7-port USB hub to my computer – effectively allowing me to add all sorts of additional devices such as document and photo scanners (really two separate) and a printer, etc. directly to my computer. As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant you can do the same.

Often, you’ll need to plug a wide range of accessories into your computer at any time. It may be a phone, digital camera (yes I still have one) or your iDevices. With a limit of four USB ports most computers run out of space pretty quickly. By adding a USB hub I get to add a WHOLE BUNCH of additional devices without compromising the USB spaces already in place. Even better, since the one I’ve recommend is a powered hub, none of your previously attached devices will suffer.

If you have more devices than USB space it’s time to consider a powered USB hub. Try the one I’ve recommended and I’m pretty sure you’ll be satisfied.

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P.S. Comment and share your favorite way to expand your USB space on your legal nurse consulting computer.

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