It’s Time to Buck Up and Buck Up Big for Your Legal Nurse Business!

It’s Time to Buck Up and Buck Up Big for Your Legal Nurse Business!

The holidays are behind us, so I’m in kick-butt mode. No excuses allowed. That’s why my advice delivered to a new Certified Legal Nurse Consultant yesterday was, “It’s time to buck up and buck up big for your legal nurse business!

Last week, this CLNC® consultant openly whined and complained about the advice and recommendations I gave her. She knew my recommendations were going to require effort – effort she wasn’t willing to put out.

Yesterday, she acknowledged that she hadn’t even started implementing the recommendations. She had lots of excuses, but no good reasons, which is exactly why I gave her my buck up advice.

Every day is an opportunity to succeed in your legal nurse business and bucking up big is the easiest way I know to make that happen. What do you need to do to buck up and when will you start?

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share what you need to do to buck up big for your legal nurse business.

One thought on “It’s Time to Buck Up and Buck Up Big for Your Legal Nurse Business!

  1. For me, I have been my biggest obstacle in starting my CLNC® business. I was very excited to have completed the CLNC® Certification Program with flying colors and to start my marketing campaign. I have great supporters and believers in my life and I am grateful for them. I have a hard time selling, even myself, but I am not going to retreat. I will take Vickie’s advice and go all in. I am going to get out and sell myself in the coming year and will not stop until I am forced to relent because I have more work than I can handle! I’m going for it!

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