How to Get Back on the Horse When a Legal Nurse Consultant Interview Goes Awry

How to Get Back on the Horse When a Legal Nurse Consultant Interview Goes Awry

We’ve all been there – walked out of an attorney-prospect interview that we screwed up. Sometimes the mistakes are subtle; sometimes they’re obvious to all around. What do you do when that happens?

If you want to realize your CLNC® goals, you’ll do what successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants do – get back up on the horse. In other words you go right back out there and interview with another attorney-prospect no matter how painful it feels.

Every successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant has had a bad interview, or two, or three. The reason they’re successful is they just got back up each time and moved on to the next attorney. And, here’s a tip: Interview first with the attorneys you’re least interested in. Then, when (not if 🙂 ) you do screw up, you’ll see it as the learning experience it’s meant to be.

No one interview is going to make or break your CLNC business, but how you react to that interview certainly will.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share your strategy for getting back on the horse when things go awry.

One thought on “How to Get Back on the Horse When a Legal Nurse Consultant Interview Goes Awry

  1. The one thing that will break your CLNC® business is letting the fear of failure keep you from getting right back on that horse after a bad experience or a No from the attorney. What you need to do is stare that fear of failure in the face, make a paradigm shift to it as a learning experience. Get right back up on that horse and canter on to the next attorney with new knowledge about how to handle the next episode of your legal nurse consulting career.

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