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Tom’s Tech Tip: Can a Legal Nurse Consultant Return to Windows 7 or 8 After Upgrading to Windows 10?

I was speaking with a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who accidently upgraded her computer to Windows® 10 from Windows 8. She hadn’t been particularly happy with Win8 but was much less happy with Win10 because many of her legacy devices weren’t compatible with the new version of Windows. Microsoft® has been offering, and in some cases, pushing out Win10 upgrades, and more than a few registered nurses have upgraded the computer they use in their legal nurse consulting business to Win10 without meaning to.

If you’re one of those legal nurse consulting accidental upgraders, there are a few ways that you can revert to either Win7 or Win8 (depending upon which OS you started with and how long ago you upgraded). First, if your upgrade is less than thirty (30) days old Microsoft advises that you can revert to your last version of Windows by going into your Settings menu/screen, clicking on Update & security, then Recovery and selecting the last known version of Windows you were running – either Go back to Windows 7 or Go back to Windows 8.1. Microsoft claims that you will not lose any personal data – just any apps or program updates you’ve installed since you moved to Win10. Keep any Win7 or Win8 product keys handy and be prepared (just in case) to reinstall old software and maybe even use your Win7/Win8 password to log-in (if you changed it when you upgraded to Win10).

But what if you’re a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who’s outside the 30-day remorse period and wants to use an earlier software version for their legal nurse consultant jobs? Well, it’s more complex and may involve your local computer professional in order to reinstall Win7 or Win8 from the recovery discs that you were supposed to create and store when you bought and set up your new Windows box. The System Restore Points created in Win7 or Win8 won’t work in Win10. So you’re in for a lot of work and will need some time to restore any software or other programs.

My best recommendation is create a full set of back-up discs before upgrading (if it’s not too late) and have those available when, and if, you need to return to an earlier version of Windows. Otherwise, enjoy Win10 (just kidding – sort of).

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P.S. Comment and share your experiences with Win8 or Win10 (be positive).


2 thoughts on “Tom’s Tech Tip: Can a Legal Nurse Consultant Return to Windows 7 or 8 After Upgrading to Windows 10?

  1. Well, I don’t like W8 or W10 because the programs inject extra screens to complete a simple word processing task, attempt to save the work product in too many (more than one area is too many) areas. They also add as many as 3 extra hours to an appeal. On my laptop, I had my computer engineer son-in-law eliminate One Note. May be great for some, but is completely unhelpful for Medicare appeals in terms of saving me time. But, three times uninstalling Microsoft’s W10 did kill off parts of my hard drive on the desk-top computer, which took over 2 weeks to get everything fixed and replaced (I have Dell Pro Support, fortunately). So, on the new hard drive, we downloaded Never10, and now I am no longer fighting with Microsoft’s obnoxious, uninvited installations of W10 but still get the needed updates. For those who do like W10 but maybe hate the color block format, there is a free program called Classic Shell that will make your screen display as if it were Windows7, for example, even though you are actually running W10. When I get my new Dell desktop next year, I will want that feature. And maybe by then Microsoft will have fixed all the bugs they should have addressed before they chose to assault us with W10.

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