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Tom’s Tech Tip: Bluetooth and Padlocks – the Perfect Combination for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Remember that old-fashioned combination lock you had on your locker in gym class, nursing school, your RN hospital job or at your CrossFit® class? If you do, I’m sure you also remember that you always had trouble remembering the combination.

Well, I’m here to tell all my CLNC® amigos that combination (and even keyed) locks are yet another device that’s been made obsolete by great leaps forward in technology. If you’re a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who still has a need for some sort of lock, today is your lucky day. The new Quicklock Padlock makes remembering a string of numbers and left-right-left movements or keeping track of a key a thing of the past and still keeps your stuff safely locked away.


The Quicklock uses a combination of Bluetooth® and RFID technology to allow you to open the lock with a simple smartphone app (iOS or Android). You can even engage in activities without your phone (the horror!) by purchasing any one of an array of RFID-enabled options (bracelet, fob, etc.) to open the lock as well. The Quicklock comes in a variety of colors designed to please even the most fashion-conscious CLNC consultant. And best of all, now you’ve got one less reason to avoid exercising without your phone this summer!

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P.S. Comment and share how often you forgot the combination for your old combination lock.

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