The Most Common Mistake Legal Nurse Consultants Make with Attorneys

I love technology and all that technology offers us in our legal nurse consulting businesses. I definitely don’t miss sitting in the medical library for hours, manually Bates stamping medical records or having to Xerox a hard copy of the medical record for a CLNC subcontractor. No, none of us want those days back. Nor do I need to mention typewriters, bound journal indexes, liquid White-Out and modems.

2015 NACLNC® Conference Cruise Update: Heading Home from San Juan!

This morning we get off the ship in San Juan and head to the airport for our flights home. I know some of the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are extending their cruise vacation to spend a few more days sight-seeing in Puerto Rico, but I’ve got to get ready for the 2015 CLNC Certification Seminar in Las Vegas later this month.

2015 NACLNC® Conference Cruise Update – Day 6: Curious About Curacao

Today we’re in Willemstad, Curacao. This is our last port city before returning to our last day of the NACLNC Conference sessions tomorrow. I’m really excited about Curacao – it’s the largest of the six islands in the Netherlands Antilles. The colorful architecture along Handelskade is unmistakably Dutch in character and will be fun to visit. Maybe I’ll hunt down a cup of tea on the harbor. I just hope the food isn’t too Dutch… Just sayin’

2015 NACLNC® Conference Cruise Update – Day 4: Education at Sea

We have all been having so much fun with our CLNC colleagues that it was easy to forget the reasons we came on the NACLNC Conference Cruise. It’s not just the networking, partying, excursions and duty-free shopping (well maybe for some of the CLNC consultants). It’s for the education too!

2015 NACLNC® Conference Cruise Update – Day 3: Basseterre, St. Kitts

This day is sparkling and it’s my first visit to what is officially known as the “Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis,” a two-island country and part of the Leeward Islands. I love trees and in the historic Romney Manor’s gardens there is an African Saman tree which is supposed to be 24 feet in diameter, cover half an acre and is 350-years-old. You don’t see that every day back home on the mainland.

2015 NACLNC® Conference Cruise Update – Day 2: Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

Here we are in the duty-free shopping capital of the world. Luckily, the streets of St. Thomas are a whole lot safer for duty-free shoppers than they were in the 18th century when fearsome pirates like Blackbeard roamed the streets. Today, instead of pirates, the streets are loaded with Certified Legal Nurse Consultants looking to bring home a bargain.

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