6 Important Final Instructions to Prepare for the 2015 National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Conference Cruise, March 1-8, 2015

The 2015 NACLNC® Conference Cruise is just nine days away. But before you can put your well-manicured feet up on the rail to relax, please review the Conference Cruise Itinerary for the list of NACLNC Networking Events. Then continue reading these 6 Important Final Instructions:

  1. Come to the Welcome Reception, But Register First! Our first evening onboard, Sunday March 1st at 7:15pm in Studio B on Deck 3 we’ll have our MANDATORY Conference Registration. Bring your friends, family and/or cabinmates as you pick up your nametag, which is your ticket to the Welcome Reception. Everyone’s invited — once you register first.
  2. Pack Your Shoulder Bag Wisely. You have already received the link to the 2015 NACLNC Conference Textbook. Browse the different educational sessions and then download, print and, most important of all, pack the text for every session you want to attend. You can even store them on your tablet or computer. Call my office at 713.942.2200 if you haven’t received the link.
  3. Network Nightly at the 8:30pm Dinner. Once more we continue our NACLNC tradition of open seating at dinner. We have a seating area dedicated to High Seas CLNC®s in the main dining room so you can table hop all week long to maximize your networking. Your next legal nurse consulting case may be a table away. Plus we’re all registered for the late (8:30pm) seating so we can maximize our port days.
  4. Attend All the Networking Events. Your friends, family and cabinmates are invited to every NACLNC networking event. The more the merrier! Just make sure you read the list of scheduled events (and remember to invite them yourself — unless you’re coming alone for a reason… and I’m just not askin’).
  5. Set the Alarm and Grab Some Coffee. My Opening session, “10 Game-Changing Questions Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Must Ask” starts promptly at 10:00am on Wednesday March 4th in the Lyric Theater on Deck 3, forward. After two days in St. Thomas and St. Kitts you may forget why you’re onboard, so set an alarm and be sure to grab some coffee. Everyone is invited (friends, Romans, countrymen, etc.). Concurrent Sessions start at 12:15pm in the Conference Center on Deck 2, forward and are limited to Certified Legal Nurse Consultants only. Don’t stress though, we’ll have coffee for you outside the session rooms too!
  6. Remember the Alamo and the Networking! (Sorry, living in Texas I just couldn’t resist.) With so many brilliant Certified Legal Nurse Consultants onboard you’ll want to bring lots and lots of business cards to exchange. While you’re packing those business cards make sure you bring highlighters, pens and (Yes, I am totally serious) a sweater. It gets cold in the Conference Center and on deck at night so bring something fun, comfortable, stylish and warm.

I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of you at the 2015 NACLNC Conference. It’s going to be our best one ever! If you don’t agree, well it’s a long swim back to San Juan.

I’m Just Sailin’

P.S. Click here to read the 10 Important Announcements I posted last week. Like all my blogs, they’re a must-read. 🙂

P.P.S. Comment and share your cruising tips here.

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