Today at Least – We’re Not Running Out of Daylight!

Today’s the Summer Solstice – the longest period of daylight of the year – a day blessed with the precious gift of extra sunlight.

I’ve been rushing around of late and pushing just a bit too hard. When a deadline is looming, I often joke with my staff that we’re “running out of daylight!” Today, no matter the deadlines, I am going to slow down, feel time and take more notice. Do I treat time as a gift or do I mindlessly fritter it away, assuming there’s more where that came from? And I’m going to pay attention to what this small behavior does for me and my life.

Today I’m going outside to soak in some of that extra sunlight and for one moment forget the looming deadlines. After all, there will always be more where those came from. Happy summer!

P.S. Comment and share how you are going to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

2 thoughts on “Today at Least – We’re Not Running Out of Daylight!

  1. Today is my birthday and I am covered up with cases to review. I will be inside looking outside today but have never been happier with my life. Thank you Vickie for my wonderful new outlook. Have a great day!!!

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