Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: G is for Gadget and C is for Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Is it a coincidence that Guy and Gadget both begin with the letter “G”? I think not. If you’re like most Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, everyone in your family has a phone, tablet or some sort of music or video player. As with any family, or legal nurse consulting business, the list of devices can grow exponentially. The more devices you have, the more likely that they’ll all be out of power at the same time. Vickie and I both have USB car chargers in our glove boxes, but ours, like almost all car chargers, have only one USB port and therefore can only charge one device at a time. That can create an issue when we’re both “down and out of power.”

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Do I Really Need to Eject My Thumb Drive from My Computer or Can I Just Yank It Out?

Like almost every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant on this planet, I use a USB jump/thumb/flash/portable drive to transfer documents, reports, PowerPoint shows, programs, videos, photographs, etc., from one computer to another computer using the “sneakernet.” There are many reasons to do it this, but usually it’s one of two: first, the computer I’m moving the file to isn’t networked, or I’m defeating the antivirus software that would block me from emailing an executable file (like an installer) to the user/computer where I need to install or run it.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Clean Up Your Act (and Your PC While You’re at It)

Every computer has cookies. Some come from the Internet and are auto-stored on your hard drive in your web browser. Others are stored in your keyboard – they’re the detritus of all those years of Oreos you’ve munched on while hunched over your computer. What’s a CLNC consultant to do other than start a carb-free diet?

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