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Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Can You Flex Your Agility as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

Many of you will recognize that phrase from Vickie’s Wall Street Journal Bestseller Inside Every Woman. As a CLNC® consultant you need to be agile. The same need extends to your computer accessories. Here’s something new. It’s the Targus 4-port USB Bend-a-Hub.

If you regularly charge your smart phone from a USB port on your computer, you know that those ports on your legal nurse consulting business’s laptop or desktop get used up pretty quickly. This octopus-looking device plugs into any available USB port on your laptop or desktop computer and has one standard-boxy USB port at its base and 3 tentacled USB ports on flexible wires, one of which can double as a mini-USB port for your camera, BlackBerry® or other mini-USB device. The tentacles make it cool because, as you well know, USB connections, like nurses at a buffet, quickly get in each others’ way and cause congestion. The tentacles allow you to move them about for maximum connectivity and flexibility. Every CLNC® consultant should have one of these small, handy devices in their bag of tricks.

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