Savvy Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Share Testifying Experts

Attorneys must have experts to litigate their cases. While only 5% or less of medical-related cases ever go to trial, attorneys will rarely settle a significant case until the opposing side has put its experts on the table. This is why locating experts is one of the most lucrative CLNC® services a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant can provide to attorneys.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Shares How Networking Earned Her $300/hr

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Shares How Networking Earned Her $300/hr

One of the marketing strategies I teach in the CLNC® Certification Program is to network with everyone who comes within three feet of you. In this quick video, Catherine Cass, RN, CLNC shares how she used this marketing strategy right out of the Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® textbook to land a lucrative testifying expert position – even before she’d left the CLNC® Certification Seminar in Las Vegas.

My Most Memorable CLNC® Case

My Most Memorable CLNC® Case: I Overrode the Physician Expert’s Opinion and Helped Settle a Multimillion Dollar Case

I seriously could write a book about this case. I met the attorney of this memorable case at a legal seminar. I was asked to review the medical records and fetal monitoring strips of a baby who was severely brain injured. An OB/GYN expert, who had experience as a consulting expert and testifying expert for plaintiffs, reviewed the records. The OB/GYN found no negligence or deviation to the standard of care on the part of the physician or the labor nurses and could not support a plaintiff’s case for causation in this regard. The OB/GYN found the fetal monitoring strips to showed no distress by the fetus and no causation for the injuries the baby subsequently sustained.

Legal Nurse Consultants Aren’t Searching for Godot (Anymore)

Locating testifying experts for attorneys can add a huge amount of revenue to your legal nurse consulting business. As part of the screening process, Certified Legal Nurse Consultants research the background of the potential expert witness candidates. Most people just get on the web and start Googling or binging away with variations of the name of the unsuspecting searchee. Some will go to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to see what can be learned about the search subject.

Ask Vickie: Attorney-Client Contracts


I was hired by an attorney to locate a testifying expert. When I sent the contract to the attorney to sign, he sent it back requesting that I put the plaintiff’s name in the contract instead of his. I learned in the CLNC® Certification Program that the contract is always between the law firm and me and that is how I have always done it. Should I consider his request or stick with the way I was taught?

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