Meet the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Mentors

5 CLNC® Mentors Advise RNs Interested in Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant

If you missed our video webinar, “Meet the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Mentors” you can view it now. Do you have questions about the specialty of legal nurse consulting and how it relates to where you are right now in your professional career? You’ll meet five practicing Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who answer your questions and help you determine if legal nurse consulting is right for you.

The CLNC® Mentors openly discuss their favorite benefits, how they overcame their fears of getting started as a legal nurse consultant and the qualifications attorneys want. Plus, the CLNC Mentors share the myriad types of cases they consult on and what a typical case assignment from an attorney looks like.

Watch this video and you’ll gain inside information and discover new insights from CLNC Mentors who’ve been there and done what it takes to be successful. We know they will help you decide if this is your next step in your nursing career.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Click here to watch the video “Meet the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Mentors.”

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