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Tom’s Tech Tip: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, Split that iPhone® 7!

With all the hullabaloo going on around the new iPhone® 8 (cordless charging) and iPhone X (no home button and facial recognition), we tend to forget that there are still Certified Legal Nurse Consultants out there with other, earlier iPhone versions.

There’s nothing wrong with being back a model or two. My trusty iPhone 6 still does everything I need it to do, but I’m thinking of upgrading to an iPhone 7 for the better camera and faster processing power. If you’re on an iPhone 5 (or earlier) it’s time to get your hand (and phone) out of your pocket and move on up to a newer iPhone and the more powerful iOS.

That being said, however, I don’t recommend rushing out and spending $999 for an X or $699 for a new 8. If you’re a CLNC® consultant who needs to be on the cutting-edge, go ahead, get your X order in now and enjoy the wait. While you’re waiting, I’ll be using my old 6 or my new 7 and so can the rest of us. A phone is simply a communication device – get what works for you. Think of transportation devices – you don’t need a top of the line Tesla when your Ford F-150 will get you there (and back).

I’ve been wanting to upgrade, but here’s what’s been holding me back. It’s that darn single port on the iPhone 7. Unless you’ve been living in an Android world, you’re aware that the iPhone 7 has only the Lightning port used for either charging the phone or using a Lightning headset. Apple® did away with the good old headset jack – whether it was cost-cutting or just trying to move us to the near-future, I’m not sure.

While I use my iPhone for all the usual things (calls, email, calendar, weather, camera and Uber®), I’m not crazy about listening to the music on my iPhone with a Bluetooth® headset – I prefer an old-fashioned wired headset or an exterior speaker.

Sure, single-ear Bluetooth earpieces are great for discussing a case with an attorney-client (even though you look like a Star Trek® character when you forget and wear it around town) and being hands-free while you’re pulling records, turning pages, typing, or cutting firewood, etc. But when it comes to music and sound… well, I like stereo. For the gym and exercise I have one of those goofy stereo Bluetooth headsets, but it seems to always run out of charge just as my favorite Green Day song peaks while I’m power squatting. Not my favorite device.

So, the single port was a deal-killer for me. It limited me to either charging or listening but not both at once. I like to be able to listen to music, charge my iPhone and maybe even make a call all at once, which is something I can do with my iPhone 6. This inability put the iPhone 7 off my list of “things to want, need or do.”

But, my opinion suddenly changed when one of the LegalNurse.com staff told me about a nifty device called a “Dual Lightning Splitter.” Here’s a link to one on Amazon.com.

Tom’s Tech Tip: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, Split that iPhone® 7!

This slick device allows you to split your inputs/outputs and plug your charger and any headset or speaker into your single-port iPhone 7 and still be able to listen, talk and charge – all at the same time. Suddenly I’m a convert and can’t wait to drag Vickie to the iPhone store to upgrade.

But, if you’re thinking of upgrading beyond the iPhone 7, are the new iPhones – the 8 and X – cool? Sure. But if you want a new phone and don’t want to spend a fortune – upgrade yourself to an iPhone 7 now. Then you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it until the next “newest and better” phone shows up.

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