Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: Jane Gentry

To be remarkable is to be noticeable, uncommon or extraordinary. Consider any person in any walk of professional life you admire and I’d wager they possess one of these characteristics. The professional you hold in the highest regard most probably possesses all three.

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Here’s Your Second Chance

Admit it, every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant has been there. In the heat of the moment you compose an email to an attorney-client, CLNC subcontractor or expert witness, click the send button and then, for some reason best left to your particular imagination, immediately decide it’s best if you could un-send or recall that email. But you can’t, what’s sent is sent, and the damage whether it is misspelled words, a badly constructed sentence or a bridge burned completely to the ground, is done.

Is Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business Ready to Go Paperless?

Remember when the buzzword of the day was the “paperless office?” All Certified Legal Nurse Consultants imagined online collaboration or marking up of electronic documents through Adobe Acrobat’s “Sticky Notes,” Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes,” Google Docs or, if you had the technology, a SharePoint server.

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