Interrupt the Interrupter

I recently spent three hours in the air. By the end of the flight I was amazed at how much I accomplished during that time.

Eureka! There were no email alerts beeping at me, no employees standing in line outside my door or following me into the ladies’ room and no status updates to check on Facebook. It’s the first time I’ve ever thanked God for United Airlines lack of food, lack of service and lack of airborne Internet access. Other than Tom’s climbing over me to go to the restroom, I was almost completely uninterrupted, and completely productive, for the entire flight.

I teach the importance of blocking two hours each day of uninterrupted time to concentrate on your Big Thing. It took an airline flight to remind me how impactful that advice really is. It also nudged me into following my own advice and to start blocking more of my own uninterrupted time (not just those wee hours of the morning before the office opens).

Today, interrupt yourself and start blocking your own uninterrupted time. Whether it’s to accomplish a big thing for your legal nurse consulting business or to train for a Tough Mudder, that uninterrupted time will spur your creativity, center your thoughts and urge you on to your next level.

See you in 2 hours!

I’m just sayin’

P.S. Comment and share when and how you’ll block and use your uninterrupted time.

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