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Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: If You Don’t Believe Me – Google It Yourself

Google is by far the most popular search engine for everyone including Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. Everyone that is, except true Internet professionals. The more time you spend searching the Internet, the more quickly you’ll learn that you shouldn’t rely solely upon Google.

Search results can vary according to the day you search; some results available today may not be tomorrow. Search results also vary by search engine. Bing and Yahoo! offer great alternatives for searching if you’re not satisfied with your results from Google. Additionally there are meta-search engines like Dogpile that search other search engines (way cool!) further enhancing your chances of finding the information you need. Finally, for my most daring CLNC® amigos, there’s the experimental, computational knowledge engine WolframAlpha®. All of these will show you what you’re missing by searching on Google only.

Smart CLNC® consultants know that whichever search engine they choose – they don’t use it exclusively. It’s a Wild World Wide Web out there so use all the resources at your disposal to search it.

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2 thoughts on “Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: If You Don’t Believe Me – Google It Yourself

  1. Thanks Tom, this is really a great reminder that the world does not end or begin with the word “Google”. It is interesting that Google is officially entered into the popular american lexicon for “look it up”. Maybe your next tip you could show us how to compile search spiders? 🙂 Thanks again love your tips.

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