You Can Call Me Crazy Busy or Maybe Just Crazy!

I’m writing this at the CLNC® Certification Seminar in Atlanta after I just came off one of the most hectic weeks of my life. First I had the official launch of my new book Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman. If you haven’t been following me on Facebook or Twitter, Wicked Success was #10 on the New York Times Monthly Business Bestseller list Sunday, October 2nd and my publisher just told me Wicked Success will be #6 on the New York Times Hardcover Advice & Misc. bestseller list on Sunday, October 9th! Wicked Success hit #1 on, #3 on the USA Today business bestseller list and it was not only #3 on the Wall Street Journal’s bestselling business book list but also #8 on the WSJ’s bestselling nonfiction book list in the same week! Thank you all for supporting the book and sharing it with all the women you love. Being a New York Times bestselling author is every writer’s dream and you helped to make that dream come true.

If the book launch and hoopla wasn’t enough, that same week also had site visits, rehearsals, event planning, preparation, and all the last-minute details leading up to the events with Stedman Graham – our Friday night Women Embracing Leadership (WEL) reception and event at Unity Church and the all-day Saturday WEL workshop. Forget rest! Thursday night was a late night taping our TV appearance on After the Headlines and a late dinner at a favorite restaurant of mine – Brasserie 19. Friday morning we started very early with a live TV appearance on Great Day Houston and continued with a live radio appearance that afternoon. You would not believe how much hurry up and wait time surrounds TV and radio shows!

So, my staff and I were hopping like toads every day and well into the night on Friday. In fact, when I say well into the night, I mean it. Friday night we had so much fun at the Unity Women Embracing Leadership event that Stedman and I were still signing books until 11:30pm! If you know me, you know I’m a morning person and have usually enjoyed a couple of REM cycles before midnight. But I was still wide awake when we got home and was so excited about Saturday’s WEL workshop that I had trouble going to sleep at 1:00am (really!).

Saturday’s 4:00am alarm came way too soon but I somehow managed to get out of bed and Tom (I love you man!) found some Starbucks before he went off to manage the AV setup for the WEL workshop. That Women Embracing Leadership workshop went flawlessly and everyone who attended walked away with a new direction, ready to achieve their next audacious goal. It was so interesting working with such a diverse group of professional women, all with different issues, goals and dreams. I’m already planning the next event! Afterwards, I took Stedman to a second favorite restaurant, Da Marco, then invited my best friends from New Orleans, who had come in for the weekend, to a private “after party.”

Sunday we all got to spend the day kicking back over a late breakfast and a later lunch. In between, we did a post-mortem on the weekend, bonded over those deep and personal conversations about sex and relationships that only women have and had lots of laughs and cutting up. Our ages range from 26 to 80 which made for a rich experience and even more laughter and cutting up when our 80-year-old friend shared that she’s just as enthusiastic about sex as ever. Tom conveniently discovered that he needed to run some errands, so we got some quality girl-talk time while he escaped the overwhelming surge of oxytocin.

I shared with my friends how inspired I was by a workshop attendee who had just retired from a successful career but was finding that retirement was bringing her no joy. She had been looking forward to retirement, and certainly had no money issues, but just wasn’t finding retirement to be “What I worked 30 years to do.” I advised her that it didn’t matter to me whether she went back to work, started a business or stayed retired. What did matter was that she find joy in her life because we all deserve to have that.

At the workshop, Stedman and I both worked with her to help her not only discover her passion but to create a plan to turn that passion into a business. She left Saturday not only with a plan, but with a new spark in her eye, a spring in her step and a fire burning inside.

As tired as I was after that week, on Monday I was still thinking about that woman and her search for passion. I’m lucky. I love the play side of my life, (I grew up in New Orleans after all) but I also love working and I love being busy. I also love that I can work my passions – teaching nurses to become Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, writing books and helping women to discover their own passions. My crazy busy week was just part of my crazy busy life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Without passion our lives are empty and we feel purposeless. We can discover and create a passion for any part of our lives if we take time to go inside and really listen. The woman at the workshop is about to get really busy and I am ecstatic for her. You can call me crazy, but we have just one life so why not live it with passion – even if it means being crazy busy living that passionate life.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your passion level? What passion are you crazy busy with right now?

4 thoughts on “You Can Call Me Crazy Busy or Maybe Just Crazy!

  1. Vickie, congratulations many times over!!! Your continued success, entrepreneurial spirit, and deep longing to inspire nurses have changed me in a big way. I, too, have had some very exciting developments happening simultaneously that are shifting my ability to leverage time and increase my income potential. These developments would not have happened without my CLNC® Success System and the CLNC® Mentors at Vickie Milazzo Institute. From the very first day, you said, “I promise, if you persevere…” I wrote it down on the front of the Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® textbook and underlined it! I have been so busy, but I am heading to right now for my copy of Wicked Success. Thank you many times over!!!

  2. My passion is a 10 and has been ever since I became a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant 11 years ago. I am currently putting together a seminar for nurses entitled “Legally Awaken & Mentally Transform Your Nursing Career!” Teaching is my passion whether it be teaching attorneys or other nurses… why work in the conventional sense when you can create a choice and can choose to work your passion instead. When a nurse opens their mind to all their untapped capabilities, unlimited enthusiasm and passion is a result. Thank you Vickie for awakening the nurse within me!

  3. My passion scale is a TEN/TEN right now. I’m really passionate about becoming a successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (and I’m taking my one action step daily). I’m also passionate about being a student for life. I’m a RN in Virginia which does not require continuing education (yet), and also an EMT (which does require CEs to recert). Not only am I at your CLNC® Certification Seminar this week, I’m also starting a BSN program on November 9th. Sometime between getting another degree and getting my feet wet as a new Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, I’ll also be planning a wedding for next December. So……… What am I passionate about in general?? LIFE and all it has to offer!

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