Turn Off the TV and Turn On Your Legal Nurse Consulting Career

I’ve got a confession to make. I’m not hooked on Lost. I don’t know what “frack” means and I’ve never watched American Idol. I used to keep my television in my closet (it was a 12″ black and white) and it wasn’t out of shame – I just didn’t watch TV. Even though we now have one of those state-of-the-art flat screen, surround-sound systems (ask Tom for details), I still don’t watch TV. I will also confess there are a couple of exceptions. I set aside an evening for each of the Grammys®, Golden Globes®, Super Bowl® (for Tom) and the Academy Awards® as sacrosanct (don’t call me, I won’t answer). But the other 361 days of the year, my TV is off. My Google® homepage tells me the news headlines and Tom keeps me in the loop. If the world was going to come to an end, my executive team would notify me and ask me to release the Institute employees early so they can go home and prepare (being on the Gulf Coast, I’ve even gotten tsunami warnings). In other words, TV doesn’t play a role in my life – it’s not an early warning system and it’s not a distraction.

Now, on the other extreme, I know legal nurse consultants who live and die by their TVs. Between reruns of Seinfeld, Friends and shows like The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars, they eat, sleep, relax and work. That’s okay for them and possibly for you. I understand the need to let your mind coast and let your body relax. One of my best friends gets home from work each day in time to watch Oprah – that’s how he (correct, this is not a typo) relaxes. I relax through books, movies, Jacuzzi®, meditation and a glass of a great red wine.

Let me ask you a question – if you turned your television off for just one night a week and put that time into your legal nurse consulting business, what dividends would it return?

TV is passive. As Zen master Takuan says, “This day will not come again.” Every hour you sit in front of a television you’re accomplishing nothing. Each of those hours is irretrievably lost to you. Sure, the next morning you and your friends can discuss Glee or which of the fifteen hundred versions of CSI had the most fun autopsy scene, but where will that get your legal nurse consulting career?

I challenge all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to take one day a week and turn off your TV. Put that evening into your legal nurse consulting business. Concentrate on a different aspect of your business each week, marketing, report writing or a new CLNC® service. See what you’ll reap from that time. You’ll never be able to say “I’m too busy to…” again because you’ll have recovered 2-3 hours of time lost from Lost. If this whole topic is making you nervous, you can always TiVo® your shows to watch them at a later date (after you’ve accomplished all you want).

If you dare to fully realize the power of this, try taking a week off from the TV. Put that time into your CLNC® business and your family. You’ll make exponential leaps in both. I warn you though, this powerful practice is not for everyone – it’s only for those who choose to take back their time and make something powerful from it.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. For the next week share how you are doing with turning off your TV.

5 thoughts on “Turn Off the TV and Turn On Your Legal Nurse Consulting Career

  1. I cancelled my cable last August. It took my son a bit of time to adjust but I have never looked back. I love the extra time in my day and the peace in my home.

  2. I tossed my TV in 2002 and recovered many hours of my life…I realized I was wrapped up in the fake lives of fake people and in the meantime, my life was passing me by unlived.
    I read more, traveled more, socialized with real people more, etc. I have not missed the TV. I broke down and bought one last year as I was having surgery and my sister was coming to help me through the rehab period. She cannot live without her TV so I bought one. After she left, I left the cable hooked up thinking I might like to watch something; I soon realized I was wasting money as I wasn’t interested in watching anything. So, the TV is there should my sister return for a visit. She’ll have to be content with local channels…or, perhaps, just enjoy visiting with me 🙂

  3. I, like everyone else, enjoy t.v. However, I really don’t get to watch it very much. With that said, I don’t like t.v. as much as I enjoy my legal nurse consulting work. Therefore, I vow to turn my t.v. off at least 8 hours per week, and dedicate that time to Ashby Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC. I really do enjoy the History, Discovery, and Travel Channels, but hereby dedicate cutting back on my viewing. Transferring that “t.v. time” to my legal consulting work, with prove to be more beneficial, rewarding, and satisfying! Thank you Vickie for reminding all of us!

  4. If it isn’t something that can teach me something like discovery, DIY etc, I can’t use it. It is just noise.

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