Leave Your RN Career Comforts at Home to Embark on Your CLNC® Adventure

I love to travel to remote places. I’ve been deep inside the Arctic Circle, the Antarctic, the high Himalayas and the plains of the Serengeti. The farther I am from home the clearer my mind becomes. All of my energies (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental) realign and I’m renewed again. But only if I’m careful to leave my American comforts at home.

One year I was packing for a trip to Morocco and I noticed that even though I had invested a lot of time and money in the adventure of exploring an exotic new destination, I was trying to bring my American comforts with me. Tom says that I travel like those old British explorers with teapot, table and tent. He lovingly told me I didn’t need my hair dryer unless I was planning on blowdrying a camel.

It got me thinking, “If I’m going to bring the U.S. and all my comforts with me, I might as well stay home and watch it on the Discovery Channel from the comfort of my couch while enjoying a cup of healthy green tea.” In other words, if I replicated the comforts of home, I would actually miss what I was going in search of – an exciting, unexpected experience. The only way to spark my senses and stimulate my creative juices is to move me out of my comfort zone and clear my mind so I can return home ready to deal with all the challenges of life and my business.

I quickly decided Tom was right. I didn’t need my blow dryer to ride a camel into the desert to camp out. By leaving some of those unnecessary comforts behind, I not only packed lighter (Tom said “hooray”) but I was able to fully immerse myself in the Moroccan culture. The result was a more complete sense of adventure and some slightly wilder hair for both me, and the camel.

Does the same thing that almost happened to me getting ready to embark to Morocco and the Sahara Desert happen to you as you embark on your legal nurse consulting adventure? Are you packing all your old “nursing career comforts” as you pursue your new CLNC® career?

To experience all that legal nurse consulting has to offer, you must be willing to shed your old ways and habits. You’ll need to step out of your nursing comfort zone and let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you and may only hold you back. As a RN, you may have that steady paycheck, but as a CLNC® consultant, you’ll have more fun and the potential for greater financial prosperity as soon as you open up to the possibilities within you. You’ll develop a new support group of other CLNC® consultants through the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants association while abandoning the nursing station and cafeteria clique that may be dragging you down. Beliefs in administration, policy and procedures, red tape and “that’s not the way we do things here,” will be tossed overboard as you prepare for the faster moving world of business where your “life and death” decisions are made not for patients but for your business.

Start packing your bags today. One warning though, the wardrobe and accessories you take on your CLNC® career are not the same as what you needed in your old life as a RN.

If you pack even one familiar “career comfort,” you might learn painfully that you could have stayed “home” and saved yourself a lot of time and money.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Camels do smell bad and they do spit – a lot! But the camel ride is an experience I wouldn’t have missed, and I sure didn’t need my blow dryer for that adventure.

P.P.S. Comment and share what career comforts you must let go of to embark on your adventure as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

2 thoughts on “Leave Your RN Career Comforts at Home to Embark on Your CLNC® Adventure

  1. You are totally right Vickie! I have signed up for the VIP CLNC® Business System and am very excited about embarking on my new adventure as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant! I am scheduled for the NACLNC® Conference in Nashville and the CLNC® 6-Day Certification Seminar in Houston (June, 2010). Jumping out of my comfort zone, from the hospital to my own CLNC® business, is a little scary – worried about my benefits and my retirement. With that said, I know that my new career will bring me better benefits and a great retirement (by investing well)! Planning on transitioning from part-time, to eventually full-time CLNC® consultant, while working in the hospital in the beginning of my new career as a CLNC® consultant. Thank you for all you do!

  2. I couldn’t agree with Vickie more!

    One major comfort that I have left behind is the nursing flowsheet and all of the comforts that come with checking in the boxes by the end of my shift, knowing my duties were completed and I could go home and leave it all behind.

    CLNC® Success is way of life! For better or for worse, our duties are NEVER complete! No matter where I am, I always have that synergism of the connection between my environment and my career.

    If I am enjoying a particular event, I think “this might be a good idea for a client appreciation gift,” and send a Ticketmaster gift card to a good client just to say “thank you.”

    If I have a horrible service experience in any arena I always translate it in terms of my own service provision and contemplate how I could be making a similar mistake and how to correct it.

    For example, if I pass a kiosk in the mall and someone is pushy, or apathetic, I wonder how I am being perceived when I am exhibiting at an attorney seminar.

    When I am attracted to (or putoff by) a particular service provider, again (to use Vickie’s former example of a Starbucks greeter, or airline representative) I wonder, “what is it about this person that makes me want to come back to THIS Starbucks, or airline?” (or avoid it next time!)

    These examples are just a few ways in which the proverbial “time clock” is a thing of the past. As hospital nurses our main goal from shift onset is to complete that flowsheet, check off our duties and make sure our bases are covered. The rest is not “our problem.”

    As a CLNC® consultant, it is all “our problem” or, if we are really committed and open to learning new ways of succeeding it is “our victory” and truly our grateful experience. There is no clocking out at the end of a shift. We are what we do.

    But doing it on our far-away adventure vacations that WE pay for and EARN means doing it OUR way, and I wouldn’t ever go back to the time clock way of life!

    Thanks Vickie!
    Happy Travels!!!

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