Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Flying CLNC® Consultants – Would You Rather Be Connected or Free?

I was writing a Tech Tip on a flight home and needed to fact check a statement. I went to open up Firefox® and was suddenly gripped by the cold realization that I couldn’t access the Net, at least until we were wheels down in Houston and I could activate my wireless card. For that moment, I was disconnected all alone in the world and while I wasn’t experiencing withdrawal, I missed the convenience of Googling something of interest for your legal nurse consulting businesses. Continental/United, my airline of lack-of-choice, has yet to offer in-flight Internet access. Other more progressive airlines are already doing so, charging an added cost for it like they do for seat cushions, food and restroom access.

Customer Service Rants and Raves

I just got home from the Great Christmas Migration of 2008. Tom and I are bicoastal. His family is in Pennsylvania and mine is in San Diego. Both demand our presence (and presents) at Christmas. This gives us plenty of chances to enjoy the fun of air travel and to meet interesting and helpful people along the way. This year instead of emulating the executives from the auto industry we decided to forgo taking the VMI company jet (Southwest, in our case), and instead flew our various journeys on the same mainstream airline.

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