My Christmas Wishes for All Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and Nurses Everywhere

To be happy in a million ways

No man must stand alone with out-stretched hand before him

Let your heart be light

Children laughing, people passing, meeting smile after smile

Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun

A swell time to go gliding in a one-horse open sleigh

Jingle bells all the way

A bag filled with toys

All is merry and bright

Laughing all the way

Gone away is the blue bird, here to stay is a new bird

Time to rock the night away

Snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree

Homemade pumpkin pie

Star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright

Let it snow

To be a child again

Making spirits bright

Angels bending near the earth to touch their harps of gold

Peace on earth, good will to men

Joy to the world

Love and peace this day

Although it’s been said many times many ways:

Merry Christmas to You!

Success Is Inside!

P.S. The first person to comment on what these Christmas wishes have in common will receive a gift from me.

21 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishes for All Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and Nurses Everywhere

  1. Happy Holidays to all at LegalNurse.com…..what a lovely greeting Vickie, and clever “lyric” / lines each from a medley of familiar Christmas Carols.

  2. Vickie, family and friends,
    May you all have a great Merry Christmas and a healthy, Blessed New Year! Thanks for all that you have done and here’s to the future!!!!

  3. A beautiful combination of the traditional joys of the seasons carols. Merry Christmas to all.
    See you in Opryland!

  4. Christmas means to me is just getting together with famliy and have a really fun time watching the little children having a great time playing together and being suprised with them gifts

  5. Vickie and family and friends,

    The beautiful Christmas wishes you sent are all filled with the message of HOPE. This is what they have in common. Thank you for this wonderful gift! May Peace, Love, and Hope be with you all.

  6. Very nice compilation of Christmas carol lines. Wishing the very best holidays to all at Vickie Millazzo Institute and every CLNC® consultant and RN.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas wishes. Wishing you and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year!

  8. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and whatever other holidays everyone celebrates this time of year! Thank you for all the insight and mentoring shared this past year, and for all the support you and your team provide us! I look forward to a prosperous 2010 and peaceful lives for each of us!

  9. What a fun compilation! Joy to the world, count our blessings and love to you and all the CLNC® consultants and nurses. You make my day!! Thank you and Merry Holidays to you and Tom. Congratulations Kathy!

  10. Thank you Vickie. Merry Christmas to you and yours and all of our VMI family. May the New Year bring good health, prosperity and much happiness to you all!!

  11. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

    Your beautiful list of wishes means Christmas carols and fond childhood memories to me. I wish everyone great success in the new year.

  12. What beautiful Christmas wishes Vickie! Wishing you and your staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with many blessings!

  13. Christmas Carols, my favorite time of year. Songs of Joy, Peace and Hope. Salvation. Memories of good childhood Christmas traditions, and making new ones with my own family. Hope you had a Merry Christmas with your family and planning a great start to the new year. New opportunities around every corner. Look forward to seeing you all in Nashville in March.

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