Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Are You Ready for Camp? Camp Buck-Up That Is!

Many legal nurse consultants have either been sent off to camp as a child or, as an adult, sent your children off to camp. Today I’m thinking about starting a new camp and I’m calling it Camp Buck-Up! This camp will be for all the people out there who have to be told to “buck-up” on a regular basis. This includes more than just the people who continually forget their responsibilities (Why are the laryngoscope batteries dead?), the whiners (You want me to help you lift which patient?) and the complainers (This is the second night this week they served okra in the cafeteria and I didn’t get any.).

What’s the point of this camp? It’s to get people to do their jobs, without complaining and to act like adults while they do their jobs. I’m sure you all know a couple of candidates for Camp Buck-Up (I can think of several already) and to tell you the truth, I need the occasional visit to Camp Buck-Up myself.

At Camp Buck-Up, we’ll start the day with healthy green tea followed by PE drills such as shouldering and carrying a heavy load of responsibilities, pulling your own weight in meetings, running an obstacle course of objections when completing a project and walking a tightrope of responsibility, all without complaining. Easy activities like fire-walking are for those feel-good camps – not Camp Buck-Up. At Camp Buck-Up, everyone will spend one week without complaining about anything or anybody. It’s easier to complain, or to moan and groan than it is to put our noses to the grindstone but we’ll straighten that out. If someone is heard complaining, they’ll get a second week at Camp Buck-Up at no additional charge.

At Camp Buck-Up, there won’t be any gossip about any issues other than why there’s no gossip. There won’t be any second guessing or criticism without offering an alternative and we won’t talk about someone if they’re not there to defend themselves.

At Camp Buck-Up, we’ll learn that the best way to eat a whale is one bite at a time. We’ll learn to plan projects, set goals and timetables and stick to them. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of a project so we’ll all practice taking that first step. Our legal nurse consulting businesses will never be the same after Camp Buck-Up.

At mealtime at Camp Buck-Up, you won’t find any processed or fast foods. We’ll learn to eat cruciferous vegetables and plenty of Omega-3s and how to make the healthy choice over the fun choice (Goodbye fried oyster po-boys, hello salmon and broccoli!). We’ll each do a tour of KP (kitchen patrol) so we can practice prepping and cooking fast, healthy meals that create leftovers we can take to work the next day.

At Camp Buck-Up, all nurses will eat meals sitting down and be forced to take a 30-minute lunch break. They’ll also be forced to give up their catheters and go to the bathroom on a regular basis. We’ll drink 8 or more glasses of water daily to help this process.

At Camp Buck-Up, everyone will be forced to have at least one good belly laugh each day and it won’t be from schadenfreude, it’ll be from the genuine pleasure of people having fun working and laughing together. Don’t ask about the thread count on the sheets, just be happy we won’t have bunk beds!

At the end of every day at Camp Buck-Up, we’ll have a sundowner of healthy red wine and thank our lucky stars we’re at Camp Buck-Up before we drink it.

At Vickie Milazzo Institute we haven’t started mandatory Camp Buck-Up yet, but I’m thinking about it. I’ve already filled the guest list for my first Camp Buck-Up with people I think need it most (and no, Tom’s not on that list). If you want to sign up for Camp Buck-Up, I’ll be happy to put you on the waiting list, just let me know! See you at Camp!

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Please comment and share any activities you’d like me to add to Camp Buck-Up. I’ll be happy to consider them.

8 thoughts on “Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Are You Ready for Camp? Camp Buck-Up That Is!

  1. Sign me up for Camp Buck-up and I know ten people I want to drag with me! Seriously, the honey-moon phase after the CLNC® Certification Program or NACLNC® Conferences does wear off. There was no one telling me, “Get those marketing fliers out, or else!” Sometimes I wish there had been.

    Even if Camp Buck-up becomes a reality, I am afraid that I won’t follow through until the next sign-up. In the meantime, I will be slack and begin the familiar patterns of what Vickie describes in the blog, complaining and having no motivation of my own to do positive activities to build my business. Vickie is right, I need daily reminders of encouragement and that I can only eat my elephant one bite at a time.

    At Camp Buck-up, besides the yearly gathering of whiners and complainers ready to be transformed into self-disciplined individuals with positive attributes to contribute, I would like to see quarterly refresher activities to help those whose honey-moon phase is very short (mine).

    But seriously, it is so easy to forget our goals as legal nurse consultants, especially with the pressures of everyday life competing for our time and energy. I need those daily reminders and the camaraderie of other CLNC® consultants to maintain the right attitude and get the work done. Vickie pulls all of this together so that these resources are at our fingertips. Even without Camp Buck-up, no one else encourages and motivates CLNC® consultants like Vickie, no one.

  2. I would like to see an activity where two people, novice and mentor, are tied by the right/left wrist and have to work TOGETHER, 3 handed so to speak, to accomplish a task. It would be so refreshing to see a novice actually listen and hear what an experienced person has to offer. I personally will be the first to sign up!

    I have been a CLNC® consultant for almost 10 years and much as I try to cut corners and “do it my way in my time,” it doesn’t work! Vicki has been telling us that forever (OK, only since the 80’s!) and I am still not listening.

    Thank you for all of your advice, encouragement and “kicks in the behind!”

  3. I would very much like Camp Buck UP…maybe that might be the thing to motivate me in these economic trials…even having a mentor kicking me in the rear and giving me the “YOU CAN DO THIS.”

  4. Yes, I most definitely want to be included in Camp Buck-up. Sign me up. When I think of “all I haven’t done” since becoming certified a year ago, it is actually frightening to accept such lack of effort on my behalf. I often say, “life is getting in my way”….., but I know that’s not true….”I’m getting in my way.” I do want 2016 to end differently than 2015. Sign me up!!!!

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