3 Sure-Fire Exhibiting Strategies for Getting Your Next Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

3 Sure-Fire Exhibiting Strategies for Getting Your Next Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

One of the most effective ways to market for your next legal nurse consultant jobs is to exhibit at legal conferences. The CLNC® Mentors and I spend substantial time coaching legal nurse consultants at legal conferences. These three sure-fire exhibiting strategies come from one of our recent events with trial attorneys:

  1. Get to your pitch fast. Evie, a CLNC Mentor, shares this experience with a legal nurse consultant at a legal conference: “Meeting Diane at the exhibit booth, I instantly tuned into her kind, patient and eager to learn demeanor. The attorneys loved her so much they were talking about their families, where they lived and everything but their medical cases. Diane was a natural, but she got so caught up in the personal conversations she forgot to pitch her unique selling position (USP). With only seconds to make her pitch, there was no way she was going to get legal nurse consultant jobs unless she tightened up the conversation with the attorneys. We worked on how to easily transition from the personal conversations she was so good at to focusing on how her expertise benefited the attorney’s medical-related cases. As the day progressed, Diane perfected her pitch and left with 20 attorneys ready to hire her.”
  2. Hang where the attorneys hang. Your next legal nurse consultant jobs are not just at the exhibit booth. They’re waiting for you anywhere the attorneys hang out. That’s why when we’re exhibiting with the VIP Pros, we push them out of the exhibit booth to where the snacks and beverages are set. Informal settings naturally set the stage for striking up conversations. One legal nurse consultant came right back from the snack area saying, “How do you mingle with attorneys when they’re all talking to each other?” The CLNC Mentor marched her back over to where the attorneys were hanging out and immediately started a conversation with a couple of them. Before the CLNC consultant knew it, she had business cards in her hands and told the CLNC Mentor, “You make it seem so easy.” The Mentor replied, “It is – you just did it.”
  3. Engage the attorney to dispel unwarranted fear. One VIP Pro, Joan, showed up at the exhibit hall so nervous she was forgetting to ask the attorneys for their business cards and forgetting to discuss her USP. When exhibiting, everything is moving fast that you can’t afford to be shy. Attorney-prospects will walk away if you don’t immediately engage them. When you engage attorneys the fear dissipates. Back to Joan – before the day was over (and with the help of our CLNC Mentor) she was engaging the attorneys like a pro – asking the right questions and pitching the right services for her next legal nurse consultant jobs.

Apply these three sure-fire exhibiting strategies the next time you’re ready to promote you and your CLNC services for your next legal nurse consultant jobs.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share your favorite exhibiting experiences as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

P.P.S. If you are interested in exhibiting with our CLNC Mentors at a legal conference contact the Institute at 713.942.2200 and ask to speak to Evie.

One thought on “3 Sure-Fire Exhibiting Strategies for Getting Your Next Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

  1. Very informative – using the USP for my next exhibiting experience which will be out of state. I love talking to attorneys at their conferences. They are very approachable. Yes, they can get you distracted talking about their family.
    Thanks for the education, I will follow this advice.

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