5 CLNC® Pros Share How They Command a Higher Legal Nurse Consultant Salary

5 CLNC® Pros Share How They Command a Higher Legal Nurse Consultant Salary

I asked five Certified Legal Nurse Consultants how they command a higher legal nurse consultant salary. It comes down to the strategies they use to gain industry recognition as experts. You can do the same following these recommendations.

  1. Dale Barnes, RN, MSN, PHN, CLNC

    The best way to gain recognition is by producing great work products and maintaining a strong rapport with attorney-clients. I do my best to excel in the work I present. This gives me the opportunity to raise my rates every few years with no objections from my attorney-clients. High quality work product also results in my attorney-clients sending me more cases.

    When I exhibit at legal conferences, I display my sample work products. This increases awareness in the legal community for the legal nurse consulting jobs I do.  When I testify as a consulting expert, I always know my cases inside and out, which brings more business and more recognition among attorneys on both sides. This enhances my ability to charge a higher legal nurse consultant salary.

    When asked by potential attorney-clients about past cases, I tell them about the successes I’ve had in uncovering facts that are not obvious and unlocking parts of a case that are buried deep.  The attorneys know they lack the medical knowledge and they trust me as someone who can dig in and reveal those hidden and helpful aspects of the case to them.

  2. Dorene Goldstein, RNC, BSN, CLNC

    My hospital requires me to work only four shifts a month so I can stay up to date with the standards of care by working per diem in my specialty. I also maintain my obstetrics certification which continues to make me an expert. I aim to beat deadlines no matter what the attorney is asking of me. Having an active clinical practice and being available to meet rush deadlines allows me to charge a higher legal nurse consulting salary.

  3. Jane Hurst, RN, CLNC

    I am the author of several articles related to a life-threatening medical complication that I consult on as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Over the years, my articles have been published in different types of journals. As a direct result of writing these articles, I have gained recognition as an expert in this area and obtained new attorney-clients. This gives me the opportunity to increase my legal nurse consultant salary with attorneys.

    For Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who want to increase your value, I recommend writing articles using the following tips:

    • Choose a topic about which you have specialized knowledge.
    • Stick to the same topic in successive articles.
    • Address different aspects of the topic to avoid repetition in your articles.
    • Submit articles to different media. For instance: peer-reviewed journals, special interest publications, online medical journals, industry or patient blogs or patient safety publications.
    • If you intend to serve as an expert witness, you must remain consistent in your views on the topic.  You cannot change your stance from article to article. Opposing counsel will examine all of the articles you have written looking for inconsistent statements and use your own articles against you.
    • Avoid making statements in your articles that you’re unable to support with authoritative references. You must be able to back up your writing with facts. Again, opposing counsel will read everything you have written on the topic. They will focus on any unsupportable statements and try to discredit your testimony as expert witness.
  4. Mildred Mannion, RN, BSN, CNOR, CLNC

    In my specialty of operating room (OR) nursing I do three small, but effective things to maintain expert recognition. I maintain my CNOR certification which is an elite certification in the OR nursing specialty. Being certified demonstrates my knowledge, expertise and commitment to OR nursing. I provide quality work product to attorneys and always meet or beat my attorney-clients’ deadlines. These strategies help me to command a higher legal nurse consultant salary.

  5. Susan Schaab, RN, BSN, CLNC

    I attend legal seminars that include sessions involving medical issues and I network to get to know the attorneys. As a result, I was requested to write an article for the state bar website. I used the example of Patient A, who had torn her ACL in a slip and fall. I described the long wait in the primary care clinic, the health history form and the length of time the provider actually spent with the patient. I wanted the attorneys to understand that even the best providers could miss crucial comorbidities or prior injuries. By describing an actual scenario, attorney readers now understood why a complete review of the medical records is so important and why I’m the best person for their legal nurse consulting jobs.

    By submitting high-quality work product, I receive referrals from attorney-clients which instantly labels me a CLNC expert.

Thanks to these CLNC Pros for sharing their strategies to gain industry recognition as experts to command a higher legal nurse consultant salary.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how you gain recognition as an expert to command a higher legal nurse consultant salary with attorneys.

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