Promise 2: I Will Go for Legal Nurse Consulting or Reject It Outright

Promise 2: I Will Go for Legal Nurse Consulting or Reject It Outright

Legal nurse consulting may not be for you, but if you decide it is, then you owe it to yourself to go for it or reject it outright. Don’t leave the dream dangling with that one day someday I’ll get around to it attitude.

If you want to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, don’t wait for conditions to be perfect – won’t happen. When I was working in the hospital, I knew many nurses who had dreams, but they didn’t go for their dreams. I went to a lot of retirement parties for those nurses. And you know what they got: a glass of watery punch and a piece of white cake. And the punch wasn’t even spiked with anything interesting.

Dreams can make a person miserable. Going for your dreams is what makes us authentically happy. To paraphrase Yoda, “There is no try. There is either do or not do.” Own up to your passions, then step out and grab hold of them with both hands.

Despite a fear of cliff-hanging heights, I stepped out of an airplane at 14,000 feet to skydive. I was terrified. Once out of the plane’s cabin I couldn’t step back in. I was truly committed, even if not by choice, and the exhilaration I felt later at overcoming that lifelong fear proved to be a catalyst for future accomplishments.

Most of us stay in the safe cabin of everyday life. We never step out into the audacious dreams that smolder and spark inside us. What would your life look like if you didn’t have the choice of that safe cabin? If your only option was to grab that dream and jump into it? To go all the way once you made the jump?

It’s perfectly okay to admit that a commitment is not right for you and to reject it outright.

What’s not okay is to hold back and put less than everything into a commitment that is your passion. If you want something, like a new career in legal nurse consulting, go for it all the way and go for it now. When you do, you’ll wake up every day to a life and career you love.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share what you will do to go all the way in your legal nurse consulting business.

5 thoughts on “Promise 2: I Will Go for Legal Nurse Consulting or Reject It Outright

  1. This is a tough one for new CLNC® consultants because most of us have the dream already and that’s what led us to take the CLNC® Certification Program. But, as Vickie taught us, actions DO speak louder than the words or thoughts we have about what we want in a CLNC® business. Putting those words into action is key in order to actually DO and succeed. I continue to work in a full-time nursing position since completing my CLNC® Certification last September. And in addition to that, I am working to build my CLNC® business one new step each day. This means I have outlined a plan taking action daily in meeting my goal of going full-time as a CLNC® consultant. So how do you do it while continuing to work full-time? (And don’t we all need to work full-time right now with this economy while starting our CLNC® business?) Well, for me it means working on marketing during my one hour lunch breaks and in the evenings doing reading from my Core and Apprenticeship textbooks to enhance what I have already taken steps to do. It means taking PTO time from my full-time job to attend IME’s and work on cases that present themselves AS they present themselves (not always when you expect them to) instead of taking a vacation this year. It means being flexible and open-minded and not just thinking or dreaming about my CLNC® business, but never forgetting to TAKE that one action step a day. It’s all about effort for me and Vickie’s DO IT OR REJECT IT OUTRIGHT STEP has given me a vision in effort on my part and to own my personal CLNC® goal plan.

  2. Thank you Vickie for reminding us of Promise #2. As I encounter more entrepreneurs I understand how this can be applied to business in general as well as to Legal Nurse Consulting. If more people adopted this principle they would be feel more fulfilled with their business and it would be moving in the direction which they envision. I use Promise #2 to decide which cases I will take or not. If it doesn’t feel right I move and don’t commiserate over a decision.

  3. Vickie, your CLNC® Certification Program sounds awesome and like a dream come true for me. I also want to let you know your staff is FANTASTIC and one day I WILL be where I want to be!!!!

  4. I love the business and work…but I have to admit selling and convincing someone that you are what they need is sometimes frustrating. Especially if you don’t get hits with great efforts and time put forth.

    I think it is just I have always been the consumer in regards to jobs in health care and frankly, I expect attorneys to see it this way also. They need me is, what I think and why are they so stubborn about realizing that.

    So I am going for it outright….solicit, promote, educate, and even proposition if needed to prove my abilities everyday!

  5. I’m getting there. I have the intentions to be a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and I already see my business card. Just about there

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