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Thoughts for Success: It’s Always the Right Time

Too often we wait for the right time before we step out and go for what we want. We wait to lose 50 pounds before we go to a coed gym. We wait for our children to graduate from college, then grad school and leave home (for good) before going on that coveted vacation. We wait for all the planets to align before we call that attorney. Wait, wait, wait!

Thoughts for Success:  It’s Always the Right Time

If you wait for what you want in your life or legal nurse consulting business, it’s never the right time. Make a move, any move and it’s always the right time. There’s just 13 days left in the year. Step back and honestly ask yourself what waiting has gotten you in 2015. What moves do you need to make for 2016? I say it’s always the right time to make a move.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share what moves you will make in 2016 for your legal nurse consulting business.

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