3 Steps to Guarantee a Subcontractor’s Performance on Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

3 Steps to Guarantee a Subcontractor’s Performance on Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

When you hire new CLNC® subcontractors you want to ensure that they’re on target in the analysis of the legal nurse consultant jobs you’ve entrusted them with.

Use these three steps to guarantee your CLNC subcontractors’ performance.

  1. Challenge the subcontractor using the same techniques your attorney-clients use with you.
  2. Request the subcontractor to support her opinions with the recognized standards and relevant research.
  3. Research the issue yourself if you believe the supporting standards and research are not a representative sample of what has been published. One CLNC consultant put something in a report that I questioned. I searched the issue myself. To my pleasant surprise and satisfaction, she was right on target.

You’re ultimately responsible for the legal nurse consultant jobs you subcontract to other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. It’s smart practice to trust, but verify with the three steps provided. After all, your reputation and attorney-clients depend on it.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how you verify the work of your legal nurse consultant subcontractors.

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