This Two Letter Word Will Set a Train in Motion for Your Legal Nurse Consultant Business

This Two Letter Word Will Set a Train in Motion for Your Legal Nurse Consultant Business

I believe No is the most powerful word in the dictionary and I’m not a fan of saying Yes by default. Likewise, No should be applied with consciousness and an understanding of the potential consequences of using such an unyielding word.

For example, I mentored a CLNC® consultant who wants to reign in an attorney-client that is overwhelming her with legal nurse consultant jobs. My advice, “Think twice before you say No to an attorney. You risk the entire business relationship because there’s a CLNC consultant out there who is hungry, waiting and ready to handle as many legal nurse consultant jobs as the attorney’s willing to send. Instead, say Yes to hiring CLNC subcontractors to leverage those legal nurse consultant jobs in your favor.

Whether you say Yes or No is your call; just be prepared to first ask, “What train am I setting in motion and will I be happy with the destination?” I’ve ridden the bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo in the company of a sumo wrestler, two geisha and a maiko. What I know is once the train (bullet or not) gets rolling it’s hard to get off.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how you say No with consciousness.

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