You Can’t Become a Successful Legal Nurse Consultant with Uneducated Marketing

You Can’t Become a Successful Legal Nurse Consultant with Uneducated Marketing

Yesterday I received an email from a CLNC® student wanting to know if she should market to attorneys in her area before she completed the CLNC Certification Program. She wanted to assess which attorneys are interested in hiring her as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

My advice: “You’re not ready to interview with prospective attorney-clients. Before you’re ready to speak to attorneys, you need to know how to implement 30 CLNC services and be able to intelligently articulate how you can help attorneys win their cases. You don’t want to present as an untrained, unsophisticated beginner. You don’t want to waste a single interaction with an attorney.”

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So that first impression with attorney-prospects should be powerful and impactful. In Vickie Milazzo Institute’s CLNC Certification Program we’ll teach you how to interview with confidence and present yourself in the most professional light. You won’t be wasting their time or your own.

You only need 2-5 attorneys to stay busy full time as a legal nurse consultant and that’s why you want to make sure every attorney interaction counts. The first attorney you speak to could turn out to be the best attorney-client you’ll ever have.

Attorneys are crazy busy and if you come off as unprepared or uneducated you’ll not only walk out without a case – the door won’t be open to you when you are finally prepared. Make your first shot your best shot.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how the CLNC Certification Program has prepared you to speak to attorneys.

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