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Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: John Barrymore

Whether in your RN job or just living life, you’ve probably had the opportunity to interact with a dying person, one who’s opened up to you about some of their life’s regrets. I would wager any amount of money that the regrets voiced are along the lines of “I wish I had gone for what I really wanted” and nothing to do with mistakes made, rejections suffered or books left unread. True regrets are for opportunities and love lost to timidity, fear or laziness.

Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: John Barrymore

You don’t have to wait until you’re dying to grasp one of life’s treasured truisms: We can live a life of dreams actualized or live a life of regrets and the choice is all ours. Success is not about always achieving a dream, it’s about stepping out for what you want.

Successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants don’t always go home with a case from an attorney, but they do always ask. They suffer no regrets of the “What Ifs.” They’re living in the moment.

John Barrymore reminded us that we become old fast when regrets take the place of dreams. May you dream and stay young as long as you live.

I’m Just Stayin’ Young

P.S. Comment here and share whether you live a life of regrets or a life full of dreams.

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