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Tom’s Tech Tip: 2015 Computer Recommendations for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Are Posted

I’ve just posted my 2015 computer recommendations for all CLNC® consultants in the Association section of the NACLNC®. We’ve included Apple® computers again, but put specs for the high-end. After all, if you’re going to spend the money on an Apple computer don’t scrimp – go big or go Windows®.

Speaking of Windows, laptops and desktops are cheaper than ever. Computing power is far beyond what any legal nurse consultant will need for her CLNC business. Windows 8.1 is looking better than ever and so long as you stay away from subscription-based software (i.e., Cloud-based) you should have everything you need to work efficiently. Touch screens will take some getting used to and, to me, are still more useful in tablets and laptops than in desktops. I haven’t had a chance to test out a Windows tablet so I can’t give any advice there but I don’t see tablets replacing notebooks – yet. One day soon, just not tomorrow.

If you’re still running a Windows 7 box, Win 7’s not an issue. There’s no need to upgrade until your computer is too slow to use and is interfering with your work. If you’re still running Windows XP – perhaps it’s time to make a trip to the big box store and upgrade. Just remember that a cheap computer may cost you a lot more when you start adding in software and accessories.

Speaking of accessories – you’ll need dual screens for sure and, if you’re buying a laptop, a docking station with keyboard and mouse. Like I said, it all adds up pretty quickly.

If you want a new computer, my recommendation is to go to a big box store, see what you like, talk with the sales people and then order it directly from Dell® or HP®. Online you’ll have a lot more opportunities to customize and you’ll appreciate that later.

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