CLNC Success Story: Exhibiting Is the Best Way for Legal Nurse Consultants to Meet Attorney-Prospects

CLNC® Success Story: Exhibiting Is the Best Way for Legal Nurse Consultants to Meet Attorney-Prospects

In this video, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Gayle Butler, RN, BSN, CLNC shares her story of how things quickly heated up while exhibiting at a national legal conference with LegalNurse.com’s Marketing Mentor. Within the first two hours of the exhibit she already had attorney-clients lined up.

Meeting attorneys face-to-face gave Gayle the opportunity to share her unique selling position (USP) and CLNC services to attorneys. In Gayle’s own words it’s all about interacting with the attorneys.

One week later, Gayle sent this email to us at LegalNurse.com:

“I have been back one week from exhibiting. Thus far I have gotten a medical malpractice case and am also consulting on a mass tort case. The one-to-one mentoring and exhibiting at the national legal conference was invaluable. This was truly hands-on learning of how to market my CLNC business to attorneys.”

Congratulations Gayle on your exhibiting success!

P.S. Comment here to congratulate Gayle on her CLNC success and to share your exhibiting strategies.

P.P.S. If you are interested in exhibiting with our CLNC Marketing Mentors at a legal conference contact the Institute at 713.942.2200.

8 thoughts on “CLNC® Success Story: Exhibiting Is the Best Way for Legal Nurse Consultants to Meet Attorney-Prospects

  1. Hey Gayle, Congratulations!!! Great job – makes me want to go out and exhibit! I’m very happy for you. I know how excited you must be!
    P.S. If you need to subcontract I am available. My experience is Med/Surg. Thanks and enjoy your success!

  2. Vickie,
    There are no words I can say (and you know that is not often) to express my gratitude for the opportunities you have given me.
    I have gotten emails from fellow CLNC® consultants about the video and I am truly humbled.
    See you in Puerto Rico!

    Thank you,

  3. Gayle,
    Thank you for that video. I am hitting the ground running too. I will be exhibiting in January in Colorado and again in February with Vickie Milazzo in Palm Springs. I am ready and have been for sometime. All I need is a chance.
    If you need me, my background is in ER, OR and long-term care. I have also been a manager at a critical access hospital.
    Much luck to you!! This was very inspirational.

  4. Gayle, I know that the experience of exhibiting is awesome! Now, you are nationwide and Canada, congratulations.
    I gained new attorney-clients and cases this summer 2 months after exhibiting. I kept marketing (calls, emails, letters, calling again…) to attorneys who talked to me about cases at the convention. I was told you have to exhibit and I know it works!

    1. One more thing, I am in the middle of a psych suicide case as a TE. So call me, I would love to be subcontracted by you.

  5. Congratulations, Gayle! How exciting that you have two new cases via your exhibiting!

  6. Gayle,
    Congratulations on your new cases. I am very proud of you and I would be so interested in assisting you as a subcontractor. My specialties are ICU/CCU/SICU, ENDO, PACU and PRE OP. I have been practicing as a CLNC® consultant for five years. I live in Naples, Florida and have my own business: Can Do Nurse Consultant, LLC. Call me if you need assistance and if not, take it away and keep up the great work, Gayle. 239-370-7722

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