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Thoughts for Success: Shit Flows Uphill

Despite popular belief and the laws of gravity, shit really does flow uphill, at least for entrepreneurs. Own a legal nurse consulting business and you also own responsibility for everyone associated with you – employees, subcontractors and vendors. There’s a reason you get paid the big bucks – when someone fails you, the repercussions of said failure fall on your shoulders.

Thoughts for Success: Shit Flows Uphill

If you think today’s Thought for Success is not my most motivational, think again. Knowing shit flows uphill prepares you to buck up and successfully handle the deluge (sometimes all by yourself). And you can forget about personal protective equipment (PPE). 😉

Successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants don’t get to share the blame. Some things are not meant for the attorney’s ears. For example, your subcontractor missed a deadline keeping you up all night repairing the damage – that’s yours and yours alone to deal with.

I once had a legal secretary identify something both my subcontractor and I missed in the medical record. Did I blame my CLNC® subcontractor? No. I took it like a big girl and fessed up to the attorney all by my lonesome. That Texas good ole boy attorney looked me right in the eyes and with an inscrutable smile said, “Milazzo, we all make mistakes. That one was yours for the year.

If you’re new to this legal nurse consulting game of business and don’t believe me, I just hope when you’re the victim of today’s lesson you get a small pile, and not the volume you’re used to seeing in your RN job at the hospital (where we’ve all been in it up to our elbows or worse) LOL!

I’m Just Sayin’

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts for Success: Shit Flows Uphill

  1. Really made me smile and LOL! Ain’t this the truth, but I love it! Thanks, Vickie.

  2. Music to my ears this morning! Nice to know that we are allowed that “one mistake” but it is only of value if we learn from it, think about it and use it for growth. Very timely post, Vickie! We all hear so much about people’s success that it’s comforting to hear encouragement about rising out of the “ashes” or should I say, the “shit”!

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